Below are some of the most typically asked questions regarding our service.
If you choose pay as you go its simple, choose the meals you want, add them to your basket and they get delivered. Alternatively you can choose a subscription package, this will automatically take payment every single week and you just need to choose the meals.
Absolutely, all of the plans are super flexible. So you can pause, change or cancel your subscription at anytime to make it as easy as possible!
Our plastic tubs are recyclable, so these can be put in your recycling bin. We reuse the cardboard boxes and foil liners, so if you choose to use us every week. Please leave them for us so we can resuse them, we are doing our bit to be sustainable!
Ordering days are from Sunday to Wednesday, delivered on Sunday ready for your week ahead.
Meals will stay fresh for 3 - 4 days upon delivery if kept refrigerated. If you are planning on eating the meals after 3 days please freeze them once they’re delivered to ensure freshness. All expiry dates are found on the food boxes themselves.
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