Proper Brekky
This full English (style) brekky is packed full of flavour and satisfies your cravings! Our very own recipe Lincolnshire chicken sausages along side, seared tomatoes, bbq beans, grilled mushrooms, potato fondant and mini omelettes. All made in house PLUS less...
Open Steak Kebab
This is a proper tasty dish, seared Cajun rub steak (our own rub)  served alongside a crunchy salad with a homemade flatbread and a lime and coriander yogurt dip. Calories - 512 Protein - 46 Carbs - 28 Fat -...
Dark chocolate brownies
These tasty little fudgey chocolatey bites are a perfect treat for after the gym or when you get peckish! We recommend eating these straight out of the pot (or warm them slightly and enjoy) Calories - 491 Protein - 15...
Shin Beef Ragu
These are truly incredible, lean shin beef braised down for 6 hours until soft and tender in a rich ragu made with tomatoes, garlic, balsamic and seasoned. A real classic dish with pasta and charred greens. This is sure to...
Roast Chicken Dinner
A proper chicken dinner. Served alongside roasted new pots, seasonal greens, carrots and a cider gravy. Calories - 527 Protein - 48 Carbs - 41 Fat - 19 Contains - 
Classic Lasagne
A staple at home, a rich tomato and beef ragu layered between egg pasta sheets and low cheese sauce topped. Calories - 428 Protein - 42 Carbs - 38 Fat - 12 Contains - Gluten, dairy 
Bangers and Mash
A British classic, our own recipe chicken sausages served with a creamy style mash, peas and onion gravy. Calories - 383 Protein - 35 Carbs - 45 Fat - 7 Contains - Gluten (sausages)
Breakfast Wrap
The perfect breakfast when you are on the go, scrambled egg with our own recipe chicken sausages, potato hash and homemade tomato sauce.  Calories - 356 Protein - 36 Carbs - 35 Fat - 8 Contains - Gluten (bread, sausages)...
Sweet Chilli Prawns
XXL Prawns in our own sweet chilli, lime and red pepper sauce. This sweet tangy sauce pairs perfectly with our jumbo prawns, served with a fragrant rice and steamed greens.  Calories - 413 Protein - 40 Carb - 52 Fat...
Korean Chicken with Greens
British chicken thighs cooked in a Korean sauce (soy, chilli ginger), served alongside fragrant rice and tenderstem broccoli. Calories - 411 Protein - 42 Carbs - 45 Fat - 7 Contains - Soy, sesame, garlic
Herb Crusted Salmon
Herb crusted salmon with crushed new potatoes and peas dressed with parsley and lemon. Calories - 358 Protein - 32 Carbs - 35 Fat - 10 Contains - Seafood, gluten 
Chicken Fajita Pot
British chicken breast roasted in our own fajita spice mix, tossed with onions and peppers, a perfect post workout snack, served hot or cold.  Calories - 255 Protein - 42 Carbs - 15 Fat - 3 Contains - Garlic
Porridge with jam
Low fat milk with scottish oats, served with a good dollop of fruit preserve (low sugar) Warmed up its a perfect winter breakfast. Calories - 187 Protein - 10 Carbs - 30 Fat - 3 Contains - Dairy, oats 
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