Open Steak Kebab
This is a proper tasty dish, seared Cajun rub steak (our own rub)  served alongside a crunchy southern style salad with a homemade flatbread and a lime and pepper yogurt dip. Calories - 512 Protein - 46 Carbs - 28...
The Ultimate 'Brekky'
This full english (style) brekky is packed full of flavour and satisfies your cravings! Our very own recipe chicken sausages along side, seared tomatoes, proper chunky beans, grilled mushrooms, potato haystacks and an egg. All made in house PLUS less...
Chicken Katsu Wrap
A classic dish with a healthy twist, we take the traditional Katsu Curry and serve in a flatbread along with spinach, greens and salad and our homemade katsu curry sauce. Served with a zingy crunchy thai slaw, a perfect on...
Sweet Chilli Salmon
This tangy dish is a fresh tasty addition to the menu. We make our very own sweet chilli sauce, glaze the salmon and serve alongside grilled pak choy with cashew, lime and spring onion noodles. Calories - 566 Protein -...
Shin Beef Ragu
These are truly incredible, lean shin beef braised down for 6 hours until soft and tender in a rich ragu made with tomatoes, garlic, balsamic and seasoned. A real classic dish with pasta and charred greens. This is sure to...
Protein Waffles (snack)
This tasty little snack is perfect to get you going in the morning of if your feeling peckish! Crunchy waffles packed with protein served alongside seasonal fruit coulis and low fat greek yoghurt.  Calories - 413 Protein - 28 Carbs...
Bang Bang Popcorn Chicken
This is a brilliant 'on the go' snack. British chicken breast lightly seasoned with spices, rolled in panko breadcrumbs, roasted and then tossed in our super tasty sauce. Its a perfect fix straight after the gym or when your feeling...
Vegan Bean Chilli
Smoky bean chilli packed with flavour, we use 3 different types of chillies to give this a real depth of flavour including dried habanero chillies give this dish a smokey, fiery flavour. We then roast the sweet potato with a...
King Prawn Red Thai Curry
A fragrant dish that is packed full of flavour. We make our very own red thai curry paste, lemongrass, ginger, garlic, coriander, lime and dried chillies, finished off with low fat coconut milk. We marinade our prawns overnight in this...
Lemon and Coconut Protein Balls
These are a perfect on the go snack or to have straight our of the gym, there is 19 grams of protein in each serving (3 balls) A little tartness from the fresh lemon squeezed into them with a refreshing...
Fudgey Protein Brownies
These tasty little fudgey bites are a perfect treat for after the gym or when you get peckish! We recommend eating these straight out of the pot!  Calories - 572 Protein - 15 Carbs - 29 Fat - 44
Curried Haddock and Goan Curry
A classic creamy and fresh Goan curry, this fragrant dish packs a lot of flavour. Tomatoes, chilli, ginger and garlic cooked with coconut milk, tamarind and served alongside curried haddock, rice and fresh lemon. Calories - 380 Protein - 30...
Katsu Popcorn Chicken
This is a brilliant 'on the go' snack. British chicken breast lightly seasoned with spices, rolled in panko breadcrumbs, roasted and then tossed in our very own katsu sauce,  topped with blanched flaked almonds and chopped coriander. Calories - 335...
Red Pesto Chicken Pasta
Perfect summer dish, our own red pesto on grilled chicken, served alongside a mascarpone pasta and fresh salad. Our salad has 5 varieties of tomatoes in including heirloom tomatoes from France, plus low fat mozzarella and pairs perfectly with grilled...
Monday Roast
Our take on the Sunday roast, this stunning dish has a stunning piece of British pork tenderloin, served alongside crushed new potatoes, cauliflower and brocolli, glazed carrots and a super tasty red wine and cider jus (fancy gravy). Calories -...
Hot Wings
This tasty little snack is for those with a taste for 'hot stuff'. The wings are first dry brined overnight in our own spice rub then baked till crispy, finally marinated with our very own hot sauce.. (warning, its hot...
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