Vegan Bean Chilli
Smoky bean chilli packed with flavour, we use 3 different types of chillies to give this a real depth of flavour including dried habanero chillies give this dish a smokey, fiery flavour. We then roast the sweet potato with a...
Sausage and Tomato Gnocchi
Homemade Gnocchi with sausage meat, tomatoes, garlic, onion, fennel and topped with mozzarella, served alongside roasted greens. This is a mega tasty dish, the slow cooked tomato sauce goes perfect with the gnocchi. Calories - 530 Proteins - 35 Carbs...
Harissa Prawn Kebab
This fiery dish packs a punch. XXL king prawns cooked in our very own harissa paste, served on top of a homemade kebab, Indian salad and a cooling raita with cucumber and coriander, topped with peanuts and spring onion.  Calories...
Butter Chicken
We have been working on this dish for many months. The chicken is marinated overnight with dried spiced and yoghurt, then cooked through and added to a tomato based sauce, this dish is fragrant, with a slight warmth served alongside...
Chicken, Mushroom and Tarragon Pasta
This dish was inspired by a dish we eat often at home except swapping out the cream with a low fat crème fraiche. The dish is tasty, creamy and leaves you wanting more. Mushrooms cooked with garlic and tarragon finished...
Crispy Chicken Katsu
Crispy breadcrumb chicken in our very own katsu sauce, served alongside a fragrant rice with some fresh ribbon carrot, leeks and radish. Calories - 488 Protein - 52 Carbs - 52 Fat - 8 Contains - Gluten, dairy
Steak Fajita
We use local beef steaks and marinade them in our very own Mexican dry spice rub, served in a soft tortilla alongside grilled veggies, a zingy salsa and a cooling crème fraiche dressing, this is a perfect quick lunch!  Calories...
Hoisin Salmon with Noodles
The Salmon is cooked in our Hoisin sauce leaving a rich colour, served alongside fresh greens including Kale, with egg noodles, topped off with coriander and chillies. This dish is well balanced with a bit of sweetness. Calories - 685...
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