Proper Brekky
This full English (style) brekky is packed full of flavour and satisfies your cravings! Our very own recipe Lincolnshire chicken sausages along side, seared tomatoes, proper chunky beans, grilled mushrooms, potato fondant and mini omelettes. All made in house PLUS...
Chicken and Waffles
This dish is inspired by an indulgent brunch dish, but without all the naughtiness. Chicken in breadcrumbs baked till golden, served alongside lean bacon medallions with waffles and maple syrup. Calories - 511 Protein - 35 Carbs - 46 Fats...
Rockin Granola
Homemade granola, with low fat Greek yoghurt and our own recipe fruit coulis using seasonal fruits, finished with a sprig of mint. A perfect breakfast for those busy days!  Calories - 270 Protein - 14 Carbs - 40  Fat -...
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